We are passionate about getting businesses online but with a difference. Making use of the AI to drive eCommerce is what we strive for. The modern day AI and analytics tools allow eCommerce to be ahead of time. Knowing customer sentiment can drive your business strategy and this is what our solutions help you with. Getting the first in class eCommerce framework nopCommerce to integrate with tools of the future like chatbots, Whatsapp, 3D catalogs and CRMs can help you gain an edge over the competition. Our end-to-end solution includes initial strategy and solution deployment and social media marketing to drive in traffic. eCommerce tier pricing, cross sells and product sets drive natural growth to the business. Moreover handling the infrastructure which is a major pain point even when after an efficient solution is developed is what AthenaSoft infrastructure team is expert at. Our solutions are fully customizable, scalable  and efficient. So don’t wait and get on with the digital business journey with nopCommerce.

  • 3D Catalogs drive user engagement
  • Chat-bot Integration
  • Enhanced Reporting using Microsoft BI
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Integration with automated marketing
  • Predicting sales trends
  • Personalized Search Results
  • Mobile OTP Verification


These are some of our long term clients.