Customer Sentiment Analysis

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At Athenasoft, we believe relationships are the foundation for everything we do. In both our personal lives and in business, building a strong, two-way relationship that is beneficial to both sides sets the tone for every future interaction.

Sentiment is at the heart of understanding, measuring, and improving our relationships. Sentiment is the emotion behind customer engagement. When you monitor sentiment, you try to measure the tone, context, and feeling from customer actions. Whether a customer completes a purchase, leaves a review, or mentions your company socially, there is always an emotional state connected to their action.

In short, tracking customer sentiment helps you understand three major metrics that can affect your current and upcoming marketing campaigns:

  1. Overall customer satisfaction: How happy are your customers with the quality of your product?
  2. Loyalty: Will customers recommend you to a friend and continue using your product, even when competitors come calling?
  3. Engagement intent: How likely are customers to engage again in a day/week/month?

Gaining insight into customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement intent can be winning insight for your marketing strategy, helping your dollars stretch further and your ROI increase. The more you know about a customer’s current emotional state, the more you can tailor your marketing campaigns to provide an engaging, helpful experience.

Customer Sentiment Analysis through reviews

The fastest way to get customer feedback about a product is to get there reviews on products after the purchase. NopCommerce provides a straight forward way for customers to leave reviews on the store.

These reviews not only reflect the the product quality but also the experience customer had through whole process of purchasing the product. To help the client get a broader sense of the customer sentiments on the website we have built a plugin which can analyse whole set of reviews and categorize them in a set of positive to negative review spectrum. This can help client go through the issue reflected in the reviews categorical and resolve them as soon as possible. Our plugin uses machine learning to go through a huge set of data, which help the plugin understand review sentiments. Than this plugin categorize the reviews in the spectrum, Which than can be filtered by the Nopcommerce client in the dashboard.

Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis Report

Analyzing customer sentiment helps give insight into how customers feel about your brand.  The more you analyse through the reviews the more you get the sense of how to improve your store and get more sales as well as high customer satisfaction.

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