Mobile OTP Verification

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Authentication levels are associated with each authentication method by their degree of security. A higher authentication level means a higher level of trust. When defining rules, assign a higher required authentication level for more suspicious behavior. For example, you can define that when a user tries to log in, they must authenticate via an SMS sent to their mobile phones.

To maintain higher level of trust and restrict fake logins, A plugin was built for our client yjewelry using Msg91 service. Now whenever user creates an account, they receive an OTP on their mobile and on successful verification they will be able to login.

The Reward Chain plugin offers rewards to the customers upto n levels. An n-level referral chain divides the reward points earned at each level so that some part of the sale is received by the referrer. Bloggers with millions of followers joined the program for the incentives and within a couple of months the user base increased many folds.   The main reason for implementing OTP verification at our client is to stop the recursive benefits awarded to the fake customers through new registrations or purchases by referral links.

The benefits of this login method include:

  • Secure: Strong identification.
  • Global: The service applies to users in all countries, and is particularly useful in countries where email addresses are less prevalent than mobile phones.

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