Reward Chain Program

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Building a user base in eCommerce relies heavily on referrals by users who already endorse a product or brand. E-commerce businesses utilize this approach to build a bigger user base where the refers benefit by earning reward points on purchases made by their referred customers.

An n-level referral chain divides the reward points earned at each level so that some part of the sale is received by the referrer. The reward points are then redeemable on the platform further increasing sales. This case study was implemented for our client Bloggers with millions of followers joined the program for the incentives and within a couple of months the user base increased many folds.

The customer can invite the friends by clicking the Invite Friends tab in the left menu.The invitation can be sent by using any social media e.g. Gmail, Facebook , Twitter etc.

The details for the friends who have accepted your invitation can be seen by the customer in his profile.The example details are as shown below:

The number of friends of the customer at each level joined by invitations can  be seen  by the customer. The number of friends joined by particular social media and order placed by them are also listed as shown below:


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Reward Chain Program


Monika Pal Sood